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Our unique proprietary technology and Low-Code systems allow us to offer the highest quality, high security, low maintenance, scalable software solutions in more than 60% less time.

Quality, tested and low maintenance products is our first priority whilst helping you to get to market quick, grow fast and scale so that you can be the best in your industry.

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Understanding how your business works and What you want to accomplish is paramount to build a reliable software application.

We work alongside you to understand your business needs and why you are building an application.

LayrCake Low-Code software allows us to be superfast in the development process that our true time and value is given to our clients' business objectives. We will reach these rarely achieved industry milestones with professionalism, expertise and commitment.

  • Why you’re doing what you plan to do with software applications
  • How it will improve your business
  • What are the important parts to the software that need to be implemented
  • How will the software look and feel when it’s built
  • What the scaled-up project will look like – what’s the future for the software
  • What the data structure will look like
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Our main interest is You, therefore if you need assistance in our field we will do our best to assist or even point you in the right direction. At LayrCake we see ourselves as a community and it extends out to everyone so we love to hear from you and your organisation.