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About Us


Welcome To Our Consulting Agency

Our Vision

To disrupt the traditional software development industry so we can be on the forefront of creating new opportunities for Businesses and aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

LayrCake's mission is to give all people and organizations an equal potential for growth.

Professional Approach

At LayrCake we like to inspire a well-thought-out, forward-thinking, optimistic and proactive approach to life and work balance.

We’re workaholics not for the money but because we love working with you and with our colleagues. We are true believers that the work we do will change peoples lives for the positive. And we love it.

We passionate about good design – good UI / UX design, good system design, good architecture design, good database design and good business process design, are among many others.

Floorless digital experience.

Quality Assurance

At the heart of LayrCake business is the tech department, the essential engineers who make it all happen. Coders, designers, testers with an array of management around enabling them to perform and utilise their talents to build beautiful, functional and bug free products.

We look to ensure bug free products and to do this we have a work and coding culture that aims close to perfection. We want to do it right and do it once; keep the code clean, scalable and we do regular peer to peer code reviews to ensure we all work to the utmost quality.

At the end of the day, we love what we do and we love how we do it even more.

We plan well, so we can afford good quality over time.

Work-Life Balance

It is likely that we spend more time with our colleagues than we do our girlfriends, wives and partners, so it feels natural that our colleagues feel like our closest friends. We work together in harmony sharing ideas, sharing workloads, feeling the trust and knowledge that your job is the first thing on our mind.

We like to get things done, we work hard and we play hard

We enjoy an active social life, going out and sharing time with our partners occasionally for a drink, sometimes a gaming battle, drinking Pictionary, paintball (but not in the office) or any other crazy activity that we do so that we share some quality time together.

The key to our success is to planning ahead, working hard and fast so we can free our time for the fun time. What else would we do this for? You.

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