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How We Work

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Initial Consultation

We offer an initial consultation so that you can feel happy and confident that we are the right option for you.

We can discuss:

  • The design and project scoping process
  • The Pros and Cons of C# vs Java or Php
  • Why we use Microsoft development stack
  • The benefits of using Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Our product release process, Alpha, Beta, Test and Live
  • The benefits of our proprietary Low-Code solution to rapidly deliver
  • Understand who are your key stakeholders, whether your building for internal employees to improve business processes or external workforce or customers
  • Giving you the benefits of developing a web application, mobile application or a combination of the two.

This ensures that you get an understanding of how we work and the benefits of constant insight and visibility over your project.


Project Scoping Workshop

This is our business analysis and / or consultancy phase, in this phase we aim to understand and document:

  • The business objectives
  • Why your producing the product(s)
  • For who are you producing the product(s)
  • What are the key features of the product
  • What are the business processes that are involved – Business Process Model (BPM)
  • What are the User Flows
  • What data will be captured and how will it be stored
  • User Interface (UI) to guide on the look and feel
  • What 3rd party integration packages could be used

Our basis is to provide a good document overviewing the project, from this scope we can look to create a project plan and estimated timelines.

We aim to eradicate uncertainty and establish a level of control that you will have over the project.


UI / UX Design, Wireframe Prototype

Images tell a thousand words and having a rapidly developed visual prototype using state of the art tools we are able to demo to you how the product will look, feel and function.

This is our blueprint and it continues to adapt and grow throughout the development process to fit and mould your needs.

There is no code behind the wireframe but you can click and have basic functionality that gives the impression of how the product will be used.

We work with you, expanding and developing upon your needs and ideas, until finding the right market ready product.

You can share the wireframe prototype with all your stakeholders, use it to get invaluable buy-in so that you can get the necessary investment of time and capital to move the project into the final development construction phase.


Construction (RAD)

LayrCake’s unique proprietary Low-Code software development platform allows us to rapidly develop the larger, more complex systems in 60% less time than any other competitive company.

Using our expertise and experience in unison with our unique tech enables us to rapidly build advanced scalable low maintenance systems in a fraction of the time, this allows us to focus primarily on your unique User Interface and Bespoke Business Logic.

Covert months / years of development down into weeks.

We spent years developing this product and processes so that you don’t have to fall into the traditional pitfalls that come with using other outsourcing companies or inhouse development teams.

Superior quality products that go beyond the customer’s expectation is where we as a company aim to be.


Continuous Delivery

We work using a unique combination of Agile, Scrum and Continuous Delivery methodology approaches to design and development to achieve unrivalled delivery of high-quality bespoke products to our clients.

We use a Waterfall approach from the get go, talking, documenting and analysing your business’, workflow and data requirements.

We aim to release a product almost immediately within the first few weeks of inception whether it be a Web or Mobile application into the Alpha suite for your internal testing, comments and approval. This aims to give you a visual space upon which to think up new ideas, critique and adapt the product whilst and throughout the development process.

This way you can truly see the building blocks and can watch as the product grows.

From then on, we continuously deliver into the Alpha testing suite.

We do Beta releases using the Scrum methodology:

  • 2 Week Sprints → Release Alpha Product → Beta Testing Suite.

You use this Beta product to release to a carefully selected set of Users who test that the product meets their individual needs.

Once there is a bug free and fully viable product, which may come even as soon as a month after inception, we are able to release your first Live product. With this you can test and validate market fit early and upfront without going through the standard 10+ month development process.


SLA & Upgrade

System Maintenance and updating to the latest technology with LayrCake is simple, fast and secure.

With the traditional approach to maintenance and upgrades, development companies have to directly interact with the hand written code, spending your valuable time and money reading, understanding and altering code manually. This introduces lengthy maintenance processes the complexity of which depends directly upon the quality of originally written code.

LayrCake’s unique solution is of the highest quality and tested code and is based upon many years of proven architectural and design best practices. Its unique design allows for rapid application development, extensibility, scalability, security and low maintenance.

System upgrades continuously improving your systems performance, reducing cost, increasing integration and increasing scalability. This continuous partnership with LayrCake you benefit from getting the latest tech advancements in the industry.

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