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Mobile App Development

A Dedicated Mobile App is a great way to keep in contact with your customers and/or internal employees.

In most companies a mobile app can take almost a year to get designed and built but not with LayrCake.

Our unique Low-Code solution makes developing bespoke mobile solutions just for you, faster and to a much higher quality standard. Unlike other Low-Code solutions we don’t use templates to build your system but you get all the benefits of rapid development at affordable prices to make your company value grow and your business scale.

Mobile App for Enterprise

Mobile apps are becoming more and more used in today’s modern enterprises whether you’re building planes for airlines, checking train times at TFL or managing customers and services for Airbnb.

Here are some use cases:

Airline safety checks and procedures are some of the most strict and important of any industry. Ensuring aircraft safety is paramount and part of the procedure is to check that every screw and bolt is tightly fastened.

Human error has in the past caused long delays or even fatalities which is why airlines are spending millions on high tech state of the art solutions to eradicate any chance of error, making flight travel the safest mode of transport that exists today.

Mobile apps are used to manage technicians, create checking procedures, document work done, photograph, and report issues that can be shared within departments.

This is one of the many ways that airlines are using this great technology, but there are many more.

No one likes to have bought a new build house or apartment and find that that one screw holding the kitchen cupboard door on its hinges is missing, but it’s a common occurrence.

Imagine if it were a part of the fire sprinkling system.

That’s why more and more construction companies are investing heavily into bespoke mobile apps for their contractors and employees. Even though, the majority of the time the quality is the highest of standards, occasionally, human error comes into play.

It is essential to construction companies to not only maintain a high-quality standard but that costs are kept within budget and this means doing the job once and doing the job right.

Mobile apps are used to manage contractors and employees, time, cost, invoicing; create quality checking procedures. Document and photograph work done, validate and sign off and report upon any issues that have arisen back through the organisation so that affirmative action can be taken quickly.

This is one of many applications for bespoke mobile apps, contact us for ideas or to put your ideas into action.

Airbnb has become hugely popular in the world today revolutionising the way we utilise our spare space and giving us extra income.

Many have turned this exciting service offering into fully fledged businesses often having managing multiple locations. These are run in a similar way to hotels and often the challenge is managing bookings, cleaning and laundry.

Many companies have started up providing service to help support and solve these issues but having a dedicated bespoke mobile app to manage the workforce spread over many locations is complex.

That’s why they have come to LayrCake, to solve the business problems and help grow their customer base and manage their servicing partners.

Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Startup?

We have the experience and expertise to get your mobile app off the ground and get it into the hands of your customers and investors

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