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Chief Technology Officer is often considered to be the second person in the whole company. And rightfully so! CTOs take care of the corporate strategy, business models and hiring the best tech talent as well as taking care of all the technology needs of the company.

Due to the vast skill-set and responsibilities a CTO takes on, the cost of hiring a full-time CTO is very high. Today more and more companies turn to the services of an interim CTO. It has become the most effective strategy for startups and a highly influential factor for new businesses.

With an interim CTO, instead of one person, you get a whole team of professionals often for much less money.

Advantages of an Interim CTO

  • Filling the gaps of Expertise and Knowledge
  • Saving Money by avoiding costly mistakes from committing to a wrong Hire or Technology
  • Ensuring smooth transitioning and replacing redundant practices with a more Scalable Approach
  • Creating a Strategic Plan for the Company and assisting with hiring a Tech Team
  • Providing the shortest, cheapest, and highest quality way to Scale Your Business

LayrCake is a team of talented developers and amazing designers and we can tick all the boxes you have for your CTO and more!

Technical co-founders are often considered CTOs from the very beginning, which becomes overwhelming. The long-term vision can quickly become overshadowed by the immediate development needs of the company. The risk is that CTOs can lose the momentum regarding the bigger picture, while focusing on smaller, but also very important tasks.

An interim CTO fills the gaps of expertise and knowledge, coming in with a hands-on development and an experienced team with a whole set of necessary skills and tactics to steer your business towards growth in the quickest time, while you focus on immediate tasks. As your startup develops the interim CTO will help with recruiting, onboarding and ensuring a smooth transition into a full-time CTO role.

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