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Scaling Up

Scaling up your business can take your business into new business avenues, sell to more customers and increase your business net worth.

By using LayrCake proprietary software we ensure the longevity of your systems, its open to extension capabilities means that you can continually build up and out without the traditional programming and architectural problems.


We have a catalogue of known and best technology 3rd party APIs into which you can quickly and easily integrate within your business product offering. From Google mail, calendar, analytics through to Facebook social media, or QuickBooks for accounting so that your business can function quickly and seamlessly.


Often, it’s a business decision not to upgrade to the latest technologies, either cost, priority, resources or other integration systems can base the reasoning behind delaying a system technology or database update. By deferring these, often the cost to migrate or update mounts up and becomes considerable larger as the years move forward.

We at LayrCake have looked to solve these problems of migration with technical experience, expertise and the LayrCake proprietary system so that you as a business can get back up to date without the huge bill or extremely lengthy process.

Database Provider Migration, System Provider Migration or an overhaul of all your systems, we make the job simpler, more affordable and offer the desired results.

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