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Web Applications are the hub of your organisation, they allow you to communicate with your team, record important information, manage workload, manage business processes, visualise and report upon data and even read email.

We are passionate about UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) and we develop these bespoke interfaces with your customers at the centre point so user friendliness is obtained.

60% of the development (most of your backend) is already produced from the offset of your project. The backend is your system architecture and by reducing this labour-intensive process, we focus our efforts on what really matters – the UI and UX and your customer.

We can produce a web application and mobile app at the same time to suit your business objectives, using the latest Asp.Net MVC framework or Angular Typescript and Xamarin frameworks.

In today’s modern technological world, customers and segments of employees get better engagement from using mobile apps on their phones than using browser-based web apps. The business that needs to have a bigger picture would use web applications where as remote employees use the mobile.

We at LayrCake understand this need and can easily and rapidly cater for all your business process needs – mobile, web and backend, making your business seamless.

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